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We supply and fit the van lining at our workshop



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Lining the interior of your van increases it's durability & usability. It protects it and prevents damage from shifting loads etc....thereby enhancing future residual prices & increasing the resale value. We can line your van with top grade plywood, ensuring that your goods and tools remain safe and protected. All edges are metal finished to give real durability & enhanced looks.


All of our van linings are designed and produced at our workshop and include floor, sides, wheel boxes, side sliding doors and rear door panels. This is all then silicone sealed and also includes a protective aluminium strip at the door openings & top edge of the wheel boxes.


We also produce high quality bespoke racking, shelving, bulkheads and raised/false floors using thicker 12 or 18 mm plywood. These are all 'Custom' built to suit your particular requirements.


Specialist in Wood :

Racking - Shelving & Lining

Example costs for lining Supply & Fit


Vauxhall Vivaro SWB         - £495


Vauxhall Vivaro LWB         - £549


Mercedes Sprinter MWB  - £595


Renault Kangoo                  - £445


Ford Connect SWB            - £445


Ford Transit  SWB              - £495


Van Ply Lining - Racking/Shelving - Raised/False Floors  Custom Linings

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