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Racking & Shelving

From Plumbers to Electricians, Carpenters, Builders, Locksmiths, Cleaning Contractors, Plasterers, Decorators or just about any Trade you can think of... We have fitted, 'custom' designed & built, racking & shelving units.


Fitting a well designed racking, shelving & raised floors system will massively benefit the user. It will protect & organise your tools, as well as the products & goods that you use. You'll be able to use ALL of your van - NOT just the floor!


Our bespoke racking, shelving & raised floors are built using only the finest quality WPB Plywood.

To ensure the highest standard, systems are built & fitted at our

Your van or van fleets should be the best tool your business owns. It isn't just a means to carry tools & get you places....


So why not Protect & Organise your van & give you & your business the aid it deserves.

Your time will be better utilised as you'll be able to put your hand to what ever you need, rather than rumaging & having to unload again and again to find things.

Whether your van is new or.....

At a glance you can check what stock or tools you have on board.

or whether it's used...



Our experience tells us that a 'one fits all storage system' or 'pre-made system is usually impractical & ill-fitting....


We are therefore happy and proud to design a system that works for you & your needs.


Our prices are fair & affordable and in the long term will save you far more in time, convenience, organisation & protection of tools & goods.


Your van will be more desireable and efficient, hence re-sale value will be greatly enhanced.

To discuss your requirements:

Van Ply Lining - Racking/Shelving - Raised/False Floors  Custom Linings

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